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Why I Fasted on My Birthday

—This Year I Turned Thirty-Eight April 14th was my thirty-eighth birthday. As I grow closer to forty, I don’t have the same appreciation for birthday parties. In all honesty, I was never into birthday parties. So when I told my wife that I wanted to go on a compassion fasting retreat, it was just another… Read More »

It’s too easy to put the blame on ultra-processed foods

UPFs include everyday choices such as cereals, bread, baby food and flavoured milk It’s too easy to put the blame on ultra-processed foods Over half a century ago, we discovered that high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure greatly increased the risk of heart disease. Email Over half a century ago, we… Read More »

Reality TV Meets Crowdsourced Medicine in Netflix’s Diagnosis – WIRED

Before Angel exposed her health struggles to the internet, the 23-year-old woman had no idea what was happening to her body—only that it was in excruciating pain and producing urine the color of Coca-Cola. Her doctors couldn’t give her answers, and endless trips to specialists had left the Las Vegas nursing student on the brink… Read More »