Chemical Vs Alchemical Responses To Life

By | January 4, 2019

Chemical Vs Alchemical Responses To Life

Our automatic (unaware) responses to life are a series of chemical reactions. We call these responses our personality, our beliefs, our preferences, or just who we are. Thoughts arise and sensations occur, that trigger a chemical response in the brain, which is then felt in the body. This then dictates our reactions to events, people or situations.

That is why two people can have the same exact thoughts and yet have completely different responses to those thoughts. It’s why one person can have different reactions to the same thoughts on any given day.

These chemicals are generated as part of a conditioned response—one that matches what we have come to believe. Can these automatic chemical responses be over-written? Yes of course, and that is what is meant by the phrase alchemical reactions. This is where you are in presence, awareness or self awareness. You know that you’re the creator of the chemicals, as opposed to letting the chemicals be the creator of you.

It’s not a linear process

This is not as linear or logical as choosing a CH-1 as opposed to a CH-2, response. The alchemical response is a natural side effect of understanding that you are not your thoughts. You are not a slave to your thoughts. You are the watcher and the vessel in which those thoughts occur. Therefore, you can choose which responses you give power to. So let’s make this a little less theoretical and bring it into the realm of everyday reality (whatever that is.)

Here we have person A, who has an issue in a particular area of their life. Let’s say finances. Finances always get those chemical juices flowing! This person has a financial setback. It’s one they weren’t expecting and they don’t have the immediate funds to resolve.

Now person A has a history of feeling let down by life. They have been brought up in an environment where money always seemed difficult to come by. They also believe that they don’t have the power to impact their financial environment in a positive way.

So as this financial setback occurs, chemicals get released that match any previous responses to this type of situation. This chemical response shows up in the body as a visceral reaction. Perhaps the body’s temperature goes up by a few degrees. Maybe the shoulders begin to slump. Worry lines appear on the forehead. Knots start forming in their stomach area.

A state of Presence

Now if person A was in a state of presence; they would be able to note these bodily responses as they began to emerge. They could consciously choose to stay in presence and halt the chemical flood. They could instead, move into alchemy, and choose what thoughts they would like to have in this situation.

In this space of alchemy, person A may choose thoughts such as:

‘I will no longer punish myself by going into fear around debt.’

Or: ‘I am more than capable of handling the situation in a way the works for me and satisfies the creditors.’

Or even: ‘This situation is NOT pushing me out of my knowing. I simply refuse to let it!’

Now, if they choose this response, then their body’s reactions will begin to shift.

Perhaps a flood of good feeling chemicals begin to surge and make themselves felt. The shoulder’s might straighten. The stomach unknots. The worry lines may be replaced by a smile. Dull eyes may begin to brighten. Feelings of peacefulness can now descend. A sense of feeling empowered begins to emerge. These responses then go on to generate more good feeling chemicals that now flood through the body’s cells.

In that moment has anything actually changed in terms of their ‘reality?’

After all the bill or the financial setback is still there and still needs to be addressed. The only thing that’s changed is their response to the setback. This setback can now be dealt with more effectively. The change in response will in due course, show up as a more empowered response to life generally.

A saner response

Creditors will be contacted rather than ignored. Arrangements will be made that are within the capacity of person A; to uphold and sustain. New options to generate income will be explored that are based on person A’s preferences and skills. New skills and talents might be explored and developed. These will give person A even more options. And all this, because a new and more conscious response, was chosen.

Now it doesn’t really matter what the situation is that triggers ant automatic chemical response. Each person has different triggers. Some may be alchemical in one area of their life and completely chemical in another.

For many, relationships are the trigger that lead to conditioned responses but financial pressures just don’t touch them. For others, health concerns may be the trigger, but relationships, are where they are most in presence.

A willingness to step in the role of observer

What does matter however, is a willingness to step into the role of observer, and watcher, of our responses. It’s imperative, that if we’re falling into triggers blindly and without questioning, that we shift into a recognition of that. If we don’t, then we can go through life playing the role of a victim who is facing a perpetrator. A perpetrator that we then have to defend ourselves against. That perpetrator can be another person, or any type of life event.

As long as life is triggering a chemical vs an alchemical response in us; then we’re denying who we really are. We are denying our power. We’re underestimating our worth. There’s a denial of the power of awareness. There is a refuting that awareness can be accessed by us at any moment. Yet it can only be accessed with our deliberate, and conscious choosing. It is up to us to be willing then, to choose.

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

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