How Does Vaser Lipo Helps In Eliminating Unwanted Body Fats

By | October 15, 2018

Candidates those who are struggling with unwanted excess fat cells and deposits, they are advice to undergo or opt vaser lipo procedure for getting rid of such fats with ease. This form of fat removal surgery helps in getting rid of excess fat deposits with great ease as it uses ultrasonic wave energy. Such wave energy helps in emulsifying fat cells and vaser device helps in gentle aspiration of such fats. Why it is different from traditional form of fat removal surgery?

Very firstly this vaser Lipo surgery helps in eliminating fat cells and deposits with gentle ease. It also helps in production or stimulation of collagen in skin, unlike in traditional form of fat removal surgery it leads to saggy, loose skin.

This high end technology of fat removal also helps in reducing pain and trauma whereas in old form of fat removal surgery it leads to huge amount of blood loss. Very small size of incisions is being done for insertion of cannula. The manual technique of fat emulsification is avoided in this surgery as the fat cells are being jolted by using ultrasonic energy.

How the surgery gets performed?

The surgery is administrated under local anesthesia or mild sedation, as such helps in easy numbing of the recipient area and also tends to lower rate of trauma during the surgery. After making small incisions, tumescent saline solution is inserted along with ultrasonic energy for liquefying the solid fat deposits for easy removal from delicate areas of body. After taking few hours of rest a hollow tube or thin cannula is inserted along with vacuum pump for gentle aspiration of emulsified fats.

The ultrasonic wave’s energy helps in easy breaking of accumulated fats which tend to be non-responsive after hard diet and exercise. Vaser lipo system is effective for eliminating small and large amount of fats as well. It helps gentle contouring of the targeted areas of fats. It is excellent alternative to the traditional form of fat removal surgery and also effective on sensitive areas of body.

Treatable areas of body under this surgery

1. Knees, Calves, Ankles, Chin.
2. Neck, jowls.
3. Upper back.
4. Inner and outer thighs.
5. Love handles.
6. Saddle bags.
7. Gynecomastia.
8. Breasts.
9. Hips, Buttocks.
10. Abdomen.

Benefits of this surgery

1. Safe and effective surgery.
2. Noticeable results after single process.
3. Helps in enhancing body contour comparing to traditional form of fat removal surgery.
4. Cause less swelling, bruising.
5. Cause less damage to the surrounding tissues, nerves, connective tissues.
6. Less or lower rate of blood loss.
7. Highlights muscle appearance and tones up.
8. Helps in eliminating small and large amount of fat deposits.

Who are ideal to opt or undergo this surgery?

1. Must be overall healthy and fit.
2. Must understand the process and related complications of vaser lipo.
3. One must understand that this form of fat removal surgery is not weight loss program.
4. Must have realistic expectations from the surgery.
5. Experiencing stubborn fats or fat pockets.
6. Experiencing leukemia, cancer, skin cancer, kidney issues are not allowed for undergoing surgery.

By: James Willam

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