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Factory worker has relearnt how to walk three years after his feet were SEVERED by a machine

Factory worker relearns how to walk three years after both of his feet were SEVERED by a machine and sewn back on Unnamed man’s legs were trapped in a ribbon blender in December 2016 Paramedics scooped up the patient’s torn off feet and rushed him to hospital Medic worked through the night re-attaching his bones,… Read More »

The Whole Internet Is Trying to Spell ‘Coconut’ After This Sex Move Went Viral

Natdanai Pankong / EyeEmGetty Images The secret to great sex is all in good spelling — or at least, that’s the thinking behind the sex advice which recently went viral. Referring specifically to encounters where the woman is on top, the hot tip is that she should try to spell “coconut” using her hips to… Read More »

Fans Are Majorly Calling Out Kylie Jenner for Plastic Surgery After Her Latest Insta

Kylie Jenner just posted another seductive photo to promote her new Kylie Skin products. Followers responded to the picture by accusing Kylie of getting plastic surgery. Okay so remember yesterday when Kylie Jenner posted that v seductive video on Instagram promoting her new Kylie Skin products? Well, Kylie just posted another nearly naked photo from… Read More »