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A student sued because he didn’t want the chickenpox vaccine. Then he got chickenpox

Jerome Kunkel sued the local health department because of a policy temporarily barring students who aren’t immune against chickenpox from coming to classes and extracurricular activities at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart/Assumption Academy in Walton, Kentucky. The high school senior refused the vaccine, citing his faith. Kunkel’s father, Bill, told CNN affiliate WLWT they… Read More »

Most studies evaluating AI in radiology didn’t validate the results

A new report has found that most research applying machine learning to review medical images never validated the outcomes obtained. The revelation—contained in a report entitled Design Characteristics of Studies Reporting the Performance of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Diagnostic Analysis of Medical Images: Results from Recently Published Papers—casts doubt on whether AI research can be… Read More »

25 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Addicted To

Everyday Wellness Lambeth HochwaldNov 26 Colleen TraversNov 26 The word “addiction” suggests gambling, drinking, and drugs. But there are other habits, behaviors, and even beauty products that are surprisingly addictive. Chapstick puhhha/Shutterstock If you’ve ever sat with a friend and watched as he or she applied and then reapplied Chapstick or any other type of… Read More »