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What causes lower back and hip pain?

When pain in the lower back occurs alongside hip pain, there may be a common cause. Certain health conditions or injuries can affect the nerves in both of these areas. These pains usually occur as a result of overuse or injury, but they can also be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. People may… Read More »

Best supplements for cholesterol: Plant-based supplement proven to lower high cholesterol

High cholesterol is caused by eating fatty foods and not exercising enough. Being overweight, smoking and drinking alcohol are other known causes. The NHS recommends a number of ways high cholesterol levels can be lowered. These include eating less fatty food, exercising more, stopping smoking and cutting down on alcohol – all of which may… Read More »

New study suggests that certain diets lower risk of death from breast cancer

Low-fat, plant-based diets may reduce the risk for women of dying from breast cancer, a new study shows. The research showed that women who ate more fruit, vegetables and whole grains as opposed to high-fat foods, such as red meat and dairy products, were 20 percent less likely to die from breast cancer. This data… Read More »