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Surprising new culprit behind obesity

Researchers have been sifting through the dust that accumulates in everyone’s homes. And they’ve been discovering some weighty issues. Duke University researchers have published a study with the Endocrine Society in which they found common household chemicals — such as detergents, cleaners, paints, cosmetics and plastics — attached to many of the minuscule flecks of… Read More »

7 amazing way to deal with obesity

Modernization has made our life very comfortable. People now choose to ride or drive instead of walking if they want to go to the market even to run small errands, Same ways kids prefer to play games on their I pads and smart phones instead of going to the playground to play basketball or baseball.… Read More »

Maternal Programming During Pregnancy Induces Long-Term Postpartum Obesity

In mouse study, researchers find it’s not the added calories but the long-term reduction in energy expended During normal pregnancy, mothers always gain body weight within a proper range. However, many women worry that extra pounds put on during pregnancy will not be lost after childbirth and, in fact, past studies have shown that excessive… Read More »