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Crafting soldiers’ songs of pain — and yet hope

Songs of war and of friends who didn’t make it home might not seem like music to comfort struggling veterans. But a project to write songs using individual soldier’s combat experiences appears to help, according to a recent study, lessening the impact of trauma held too close for too long. Recalling his session with songwriter… Read More »

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Natural Ways to Relieve Pain Without Drug Use

In today’s world, there is basically a drug prescription for every ailment, from a sore throat to a broken ankle. We have been trained to turn to prescriptions for pain relief. In many cases, prescription drugs are the right option. But in some cases, they are not immediately necessary, especially with more minor injuries and… Read More »

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Strong link found between back pain and mortality

A prospective analysis of back pain and rates of disability may help explain the association between back pain and mortality. Back pain is common and often debilitating. Back pain is very common, affecting millions of people worldwide. It is also a major cause of disability and missed work days. Risk factors such as posture, sedentary… Read More »

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