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Paying patients to shop yields modest savings, Health Affairs study finds

Dive Brief: Paying patients to shift to lower-price providers could be a successful — albeit limited — option for helping employers and insurers lower healthcare costs, a new study in Health Affairs suggests. Researchers looked at the impact of a program that rewards people who agreed to receive one of 131 elective procedures from a designated… Read More »

Patients resort to DIY dentistry as NHS options disappear – The Guardian

Dentists Patients resort to DIY dentistry as NHS options disappear With most treatment now paid for, is this the tipping point for free health service dental care? An MP’s meet-and-greet visit to a dental practice in their constituency would usually pass without comment. But when the MP is the secretary of state for health and… Read More »

Health chiefs announce review into deaths of up to 250 heart patients

Urgent probe launched into how 250 patients died at a scandal-hit NHS heart unit The review concerns former patients at St George’s Hospital in London Complex heart surgeries were suspended at the hospital in 2018 amid concerns  Reports last year revealed a years-long feud between cardiac surgeons The ongoing row was endangering patients’ health, experts… Read More »