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Does bariatric surgery reduce cancer risk?

There is adequate evidence that excess body fat results in an increased risk of 13 different cancers, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).   In a 2016 reassessment of the preventive effects of a healthy weight on cancer risk, the France-based IARC reviewed over 1000 epidemiologic studies, which examine disease distribution in… Read More »

Conjoined twins enter surgery in Melbourne

Conjoined Bhutanese twins Nima and Dawa have entered the operating theatre to undergo life-changing separation surgery in Melbourne. A team of 18 surgeons, nurses and anaesthetists at the Royal Children’s Hospital will work for more than six hours to separate the 15-month-old girls, who are joined at the torso and share a liver. Head of… Read More »

Aspirin May Be a Good Option to Prevent Blood Clots After Knee Surgery

Image Surgeons often prescribe expensive anticoagulant drugs after knee surgery to prevent blood clots, but a new study has found that plain aspirin can work just as well. Blood clots are not common after knee surgery, but the consequences can be serious and even fatal. There are a number of prescription blood thinners, including the… Read More »